Hucking next level shit in Norway [VID]

Hucking next level shit in Norway [VID]

Bomb Flow TV Episode 12 “Lost in VOSS” from BombFlowTV on Vimeo.

Matador Ambassador Evan Garcia kayaks some of Norway’s steepest rivers and biggest waterfalls.

THERE ARE FEW PLACES on earth that have caught my eye like the Scandinavian country of Norway. For years I have sat in the States and seen pictures and videos of the majestic snowy land far away. As I became a better and more traveled kayaker, every season I would say,

“Ok, I’m going to Norway this year!”…

And it would never happen. I’d find myself back in the much closer whitewater Mecca of California. (Not a bad back up). For several reasons I decided that this was the year it was going to happen.

Meeting up with my partner in crime Fred Norquist we flew from the old US of A to the coastal city of Bergen, Norway. As soon as we landed I knew that Norway was going to be incredible. From the ocean, granite domes rose up and followed the fjords inland to massive glacial valleys.

A long, twisty train ride — which felt rather stereotypical for Europe — brought us to the Village of Voss. This town is known internationally to be one of the few locations in the world to hold unfathomable amounts of class V close to town.

We met our international crew, which included Swede Anton Immler, Norge Mathias Fossum, Spaniard Aniol Serresolses, and many others and drove directly to the Brandset River. Greeted by amazingly clear water, countless sick slides, holes, and drops, this river really delivered a true intro to what we were going to find the next month.

What came in the next two weeks during our stay in Voss was a blur of amazing kayaking, meeting tons of new people, partying all night in the Veko Extreme Week tent, and scaring ourselves on a daily basis with ease on the local rivers.

My personal favorite river in the area has to be the Teigdal. It starts off as a fairly low volume creek with technical gorged-in waterfalls and slides of the tastiest variety… as it continues down the valley gaining water from tributaries tumbling from thousands of feet off the surrounding mountains, the Teigdal climaxes in an orgasmic blend of beauty and raw emotionless power at the Double Drop — a perfect 30 treat layer right off another 30-40 foot step-down church falls. Quite a sight to behold and an even better feeling to be sitting in the pool at the bottom knowing you just ran that beast!

We spent 15 days paddling around the Voss area before we headed out on a road trip to see the rest of the country…filming the entire time we dubbed the first Bomb Flow TV Episode from Norway “Lost in Voss“. As it is very easy to lose track of time and reality in such an amazing place. Here is the rundown of the rivers and days we paddled in Voss:

Day 1: Upper & Lower Brandset River
Day 2: Upper & Lower Brandset (high) + Teigdalselvi Double Drop
Day 3: Teigdalselvi
Day 4: Urdlandselvi
Day 5: Exsingdal 70 footer + Teigdal
Day 6: Jordalselvi
Day 7: Brandset race training
Day 8: Brandset Race + Team Race
Day 9: Money Drop
Day 10: Double Drop High
Day 11: Day Off
Day 12: Teigdal (Aniol Hurt)
Day 13: Todo Urdland
Day 14: Lower Myrkdalselvi
Day 15: Tysselva + Leave Voss

Enjoy the first installment of our trip to Norway in this 39 min video.

Make sure to tune into for more updates and to watch the next Episode “Hot Wet Scandinavian Pillaging”. Check out the Teaser here. Matador Ambassador Evan Garcia Over and Out!


Evan Garcia

on Double Drop, Teigdalselvi, Evanger, Norway.Photo: Josh Neilson


Evan Garcia

on Lucas Turner Falls, Urdlandselvi, Voss, Norway.Photo: Evan (with gopro)


Evan Garcia

on Double Drop from another angle, Teigdalselvi, Evanger, Norway.Photo: Mikael Ekstrom


Anton Imler

on The Myrkdalselvi, Voss, Norway.Photo: Evan Garcia


Evan Garcia

on Brandset River, Voss Norway.Photo: Mikael Ekstrom

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