A real-deal flying car that you can actually buy

A real-deal flying car that you can actually buy

DaVinci…The Wright Brothers…Terrafugia?

No one can say for sure whether Boston-Based Terrafugia’s “roadable aircraft,” dubbed the “Transition” will become the Model T of flying automobiles, but today’s news that the FAA has approved the vehicle for a maximum takeoff weight of 1,320 pounds and a maximum speed of 115 mph is a significant sign of progress for Jetson wannabe’s everywhere.

However, as one might guess, this isn’t something that your average Hyundai Elantra driver could use as a trade-in. Classified as a Light Sport Aircraft, the Transition requires a Sport Pilot certificate to fly, and pockets deep enough to cover the $200,000 price tag.

The Transition features a 30 miles-per-gallon fuel efficiency and its wings fold out automatically, enabling drivers to quickly change from land to air. If you’re in the market–or if you’re just curious–here’s a video below.

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