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The map of how to write Information

The map of how to write

I FINISH MY READING at a Southwestern Writers’ Conference. I have spoken about crippling pain from a hiking fall and seeing a dust cloud from the Gobi Desert turn the sun moon-silver over the Black Rock, and how a volcanic out-cropping seen against sunset can become figures from a Javanese shadow play.

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Can you be an outsider to yourself? Miscellaneous

Can you be an outsider to yourself?

Sometimes a change in perspective is in order.I CAME ACROSS this interesting post at the The Happiness Project. The author, Gretchen Rubin, discusses changing viewpoints when thinking about your needs. She advocates thinking about yourself in the third person.I’ve been thinking a lot about self-love lately and how I find it difficult to direct energy inward that I find easy to direct outward.

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“Oh give me a home…” Information

“Oh give me a home…”

If you’re a writer, you don’t need me to tell you about that creeping feeling of anxiety that swells up at the end of each month when you think about paying the rent.You’ve typed yourself into Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but you’ve got nothing to show for it but a sheaf of rejections or a check so pitiful it might be more worthwhile to stand in the unemployment line.

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The worst commercials on American TV right now Collections

The worst commercials on American TV right now

You love to hate them. Horrible commercials are all over the tube, inciting anger and making us wonder how someone, somewhere has money in the bank from creating something so awful. Jason Policastro takes a look at some of the current offenders.Ride WarriorROLLER COASTERS ARE TOTALLY EXTREME. If they were trying to capture what it’s like at your standard American amusement park then they should have posted footage of 5000 morbidly obese children standing in line, clutching stuffed Tasmanian Devils and shoving blimp-sized cotton candy clouds down their throats which would later be vomited into their bumper cars.

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What NOT to do in Tibet Miscellaneous

What NOT to do in Tibet

Matador’s destination expert on Tibet lays out the country’s avoidable attractions (and mindsets)…and what you should do instead.1. Don’t… assume Tibet is only Lhasa and the TARThe Tibet on maps doesn’t match up with ethnic Tibet. The Tibetan Autonomous Region (TAR) is highly controlled and expensive, and much of the money you spend goes back into enforcing Chinese rule over Tibetans.

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Street food world tour: NYC Miscellaneous

Street food world tour: NYC

All photos: AuthorI’m eating a ketchup-drenched tube of pressed meat-parts at an organic farmers market. Gnawing doughy pretzels beside the Jewish bagel shop. Lapping generic-brand ice cream outside a restaurant devoted entirely to custom milkshakes. And it occurs to me this street food adventure in New York might not be the best idea.

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